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St. Thomas More Catholic Parish, Scranton, PA
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Little Flowers LogoKids' Clubs

In addition to weekly Sunday School classes and bimonthly Youth Group meetings, one of our most popular offerings for children's and youth Catholic fBlue Knights Logoormation are our Little Flowers, Blue Knights, and Sunday Youth Group, which meet on the second Sunday of each month at 1:00 p.m., following a potluck lunch for all participating families. Little Flowers & Blue Knights meetings consist of material taught by a rotating schedule of parents (using a provided curriculum), a game, a craft, and a snack. The Youth Group takes a fun social outing.

Little Flowers PatchesOur Little Flowers Girl's Club (named for St. Therese, the "Little Flower" of Lisieux) for younger girls and their mothers, learns each month about a different Catholic virtue, and about a Saint of the Church who best exemplified that virtue in her life. Like scouting organizations, girls strive to earn patches that gradually make up the pedals of a flower on their sashes.

Blue Knights BreastplateOur Blue Knights Boy's Club, for boys and their fathers, follows the same pattern, learning each month about a different Catholic virtue and a Saint who has exhibited that virtue admirably in his life. A special effort is made to keep the material, games, and crafts fast-paced and masculine for this group!

YouthBecause our Youth Group (for boys and girls 12 and up) engages in learning and service at their weekday meetings, monthly Sunday sessions are set aside for a fun social outing together, such as bowling, mini golf, laser tag, or sporting events, allowing ample time for building lifelong friendships.

Each season culminates in a Spring Pilgrimage for all participating families, and a with a June Picnic at McDade park, during which the children receive awards and certificates for their participation. Interested children and youth and their parents are welcome to drop in on a session at any time!

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