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St. Thomas More Catholic Parish, Scranton, PA
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MediaOur Parish and our Movement in the Media

In addition to our ministry to our local community, and our support for ministries serving on a nationwide and worldwide basis, we have also been able to reach out to the world through the media, be it print, radio, television, or online.  Below are a number of important items that have appeared in recent years featuring our Parish, our Pastor, and our movement of reconciliation of Anglicans to the Catholic Church.

Items are in chronological order, with the most recent material appearing first.

  • April 2015: Fr. Bergman speaks at the Institute of Catholic Culture on the topic, "First Fruits: The Paschal Mystery & Christian Divinization":

  • March 2015: Fr. Bergman speaks at the Institute of Catholic Culture on the topic "Transforming Creation: The Paschal Mystery & the Sacraments of the Church":

  • September 2013: Fr. Bergman speaks at the Institute of Catholic Culture on his conversion to the Catholic faith:

  • February 2013: Msgr. Jeffrey Steenson, Ordinary of the Personal Ordinariate of the Chair of St. Peter, appears on EWTN's "The Journey Home":

  • September 2012: Fr. Bergman speaks at the Institute of Catholic Culture on Priestly Celibacy and the Modern Vocations Crisis. (2 parts)

  • May 2012: The Scranton Times-Tribune announces Fr. Bergman's move into the Ordinariate, and the founding of St. Thomas More Parish at St. Joseph Church.
  • September 2011: Fr. Bergman speaks at the Institute of Catholic Culture on the Anglican acceptance of artificial contraception in 1930, the modern moral crisis as its result, and the Ordinariates as creative minorities to help reverse the tide:
Part I    |    Part II
  • November 2010: Fr. Mitch Pacwa, S.J. discusses Anglicanorum Coetibus on EWTN's "Threshold of Hope":

  • February 2010: The Wall Street Journal reports on a liturgy offered by our Parish as an outreach in Washington, D.C.
  • January 2010: Fr. Bergman speaks on the Apostolic Constitution Anglicanorum Coetibus in Washington, D.C.:

  • January 2010: Fr. Bergman, along with Fr. Dwight Longenecker & Fr. Ray Ryland, discuss the Apostolic Constitution Anglicanorum Coetibus on EWTN's "The Journey Home."  
Part I   |   Part II
  • March 2009: Fr. Bergman writes about his conversion in This Rock Magazine (now Catholic Answers Magazine).
  • February 2009: Fr. Bergman appears on The Coming Home Network's "Deep in Scripture" radio program:
  • April 2008: Fr. Bergman is interviewed and takes Q & A on the radio program Catholic Answers Live, on the value of priestly celibacy.
  • October 2007: Fr. Bergman appears on EWTN's The Journey Home television program:

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