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St. Thomas More Catholic Parish, Scranton, PA
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Music at St. Thomas More

OrganGiven the unique history of our Parish, it should come as no surprise that the Anglican musical tradition - one of the great glories of Western Christendom - enjoys pride of place in our worship at St. Thomas More.  It is a tradition that encompasses the robust singing of hymns by the likes of Charles Wesley, Isaac Watts, John Newton, and John Mason Neale; choral music by British and American composers from the Renaissance to the present day; and a particular way of singing the Psalms called Anglican Chant.  It reaches back to the Catholic traditions of Gregorian Chant and the hymns of St. Ambrose and St. Thomas Aquinas, and is forward-looking as well in its use of excellent contemporary music and hymnody being written today.

The Parish Choir

ChoirIn keeping with the Anglican Cathedral choral tradition, our Parish Choir is intergenerational, including both adult singers and young treble choristers, trained to a high degree of proficiency to be able to sing challenging music alongside their adult counterparts.  Choristers in grades 2 through 7 rehearse on Wednesday afternoons according to a staggered schedule of arrival and departure, allowing for intensive small-group training in voice and musicianship, as well as combined rehearsal
  by all choristers together.  There is not a mid-week rehearsal for the adults and teens, who rehearse at 9:00 a.m. on Sunday mornings, one hour prior to the 10:00 a.m. Mass.  There is no audition for entry into the choir at either the adult or chorister level; the only requirements are a love of singing and the ability to keep a commitment. Interested adults, or parents of prospective choristers, are encouraged to contact Music Director Paul Campbell at

A glimpse at our tradition:
The Choir of St. Paul's
Cathedral, London,
sings a thrilling setting of Psalm 150


A glimpse at our future: At our future Parish School
our boy and girl choristers will be trained
to an extraordinary level of excellence.
The brief documentaries below offer
a snapshot of life as a chorister.

Wells Cathedral:

Salisbury Cathedral, part 1:

Salisbury Cathedral, part 2:


A History of our Tradition:
The excellent BBC documentary series below
tells the story of Sacred Music in England

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:


What about "Contemporary Music?"


Image courtesy of Simon Howden at

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