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St. Thomas More Catholic Parish, Scranton, PA
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Questioning man

For Protestant Christians with questions...

Welcome! If you are a Protestant Christian with questions about the Catholic faith, we've assembled some resources below according to the major areas of debate between our two great traditions; we hope you'll find these materials fair-minded and helpful.

Better yet, if you are local to the Scranton area, we'd like to invite you to attend our Adult Catechesis class on Sunday evenings at 6 p.m., September through May. Each season over a free supper we engage with the superb video-based Alpha and Symbolon programs; no question is considered too simple or too hostile!  Learn about the Alpha Course here, and Symbolon here:

Not local to our area, or just doing some exploration on your own? On to your questions!


Pope BenedictQuestions about Unity and Authority
  • "Why have a Pope?"
  • "Why submit myself to an authoritarian Church?
  • "What's the big deal with Denominations?"
  • "Why not an 'invisible church' comprised of all Christian believers?"

Questions about the Bible

  • "Shouldn't the Bible alone be the sole rule of faith?"
  • "Why does the Catholic Bible have more books?"
  • "Wasn't the Bible censored and corrupted by the Catholic Church in the early centuries?"
  • "Isn't Catholicism rife with unBiblical doctrines?"

Questions about Church History
  • "Arent the 'Dark Ages' a Catholic legacy?
  • "Weren't the Crusades a war of aggression?"
  • "Didn't the Spanish Inquisition burn and torture hundreds of thousands?"
  • "Doesn't the Galileo episode prove the Church's disdain for science and knowledge?"
  • "Wasn't Pius XII 'Hitler's Pope?'"
  • "Hasn't 'The Da Vinci Code' revealed all kinds of insidious secrets about the Catholic Church?"

Questions about How We are SavedWhat must I do to be saved?
  • "Doesn't the Catholic Church teach that we can earn salvation with our good works?"
  • "Once I'm saved, aren't I always saved?
  • "Do Catholics really have a 'personal relationship with Jesus?'"
  • "Isn't Purgatory unBiblical?"
  • "Doesn't Free Will rob God of his absolute sovereignty over our lives?"

Jesus with Chalice & HostQuestions about the Sacraments
  • "Why infant baptism?"
  • "Isn't transsubstantiation just superstition?"
  • "Isn't it exclusivist to deny Communion to non-Catholics?"
  • "Why should I have to confess my sins to a priest?"
  • "Why can't the Catholic Church ordain women?"
  • "Why can't all Catholic priests get married?"
  • "Isn't it cruel to not allow divorce & remarriage?

John Paul II & Mary StatueQuestions about Mary and the Saints
  • "Don't Catholics worship Mary?"
  • "Why do Catholics pray to dead saints?"
  • "Isn't it idolotry to have so many statues of Mary and the saints in Catholic churches?"

Questions about Modern-Day Issues

Cathedral & Rainbow Flag
  • "Isn't the Catholic Church prudish and against sex?
  • "Isn't the Catholic Church full of pedophile priests?"
  • "Isn't the Catholic Church anti-woman?"
  • "What's the big deal about Contraception?"
  • "Isn't the Catholic Church homophobic for opposing 'marriage equality?'"

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Got Questions?
Are you an open-minded seeker with questions about Truth, God, the Christian Faith, and the Catholic Church?

...or a Protestant Christian wondering about the claims of the Catholic Church?

Click here
for some excellent resources to provide food for thought along your journey!

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