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St. Thomas More Catholic Parish, Scranton, PA
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For seekers with questions...

Welcome!  We've assembled some of the best available resources to help address your questions below. If you'd like to start with a more easygoing approach, we'd like to recommend our Alpha Course page. It's a 10-part series of videos that offer a basic introduction to the Christian faith in a friendly format.

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Click here to go to our Alpha Course page...
or, scroll down to our other material!


We've ordered the topics below from the most basic questions of Belief and Truth, to the more specific details of the Christian faith and its viability in today's world. We hope you'll find these materials fair-minded and helpful in addressing your questions.

Time for TruthQuestions about Belief, Truth, and Relativism
  • "Why should I believe anything at all?"
  • "Doesn't my disbelief let me off the hook from responsibilities?"
  • "What is 'Truth?' Who needs it, anyway?"
  • "Isn't everything relative?"
  • "Isn't 'faith' the opposite of reason?"
  • "Is anything really right or wrong?"
  • "Are there really any moral absolutes?"
  • "Aren't Christian truth claims all just power plays?"

EvidenceQuestions about God's Existence
  • "Is it reasonable to believe that God exisits?"
  • "What reasons can there be for believing in God?"

Auschwitz victimsQuestions about the Problem of Evil and Suffering
  • "How could an all-good, all-powerful, all-loving God allow evil and suffering?"
  • "Isn't evil evidence against the existence of God?"

HellQuestions about God's Moral Character
  • "Isn't the God of the Bible a moral monster?"
  • "How could a loving God send people to Hell?

Questions about Science and Religion
  • Science"Isn't empirical scientific evidence the only legitimate way of knowing?"
  • "Isn't there a conflict between science and religion?"
  • "Can one really be a scientist and a Christian?"
  • "Haven't Richard Dawkins and other 'new atheists' settled the question about God and religion?"

CoexistQuestions about Tolerance and Other Religions
  • "Isn't it arrogant and intolerant to claim that you have the truth?"
  • "How can only one religion be true?"

  • "Who was Jesus, really?"
  • "Hasn't the 'Historical Jesus' movement debunked the fanciful Jesus of Christian faith?
  • "Is Jesus the only Truth?"
  • "Why did Jesus die?"

BibleQuestions about the Bible
  • "Aren't our sources for what we know about Jesus corrupted and biased?"
  • "Can we really trust the New Testament documents?"
  • "Isn't the Bible intolerant, sexist, oppressive, homophobic, outdated, and irrelevant?"

ResurrectionQuestions about Miracles and Resurrection
  • "Can micacles really occur?"
  • "Wasn't Jesus really just resurrected 'in the hearts' of his followers?"
  • "Is there really any good historical evidence for Jesus' resurrection?"

BoredQuestions about Christians and the Church

  • "Isn't Christianity boring, untrue, and irrelevant?"
  • "Hasn't the Christian Church brought centuries of war and misery to the world?"


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Got Questions?
Are you an open-minded seeker with questions about Truth, God, the Christian Faith, and the Catholic Church?

...or a Protestant Christian wondering about the claims of the Catholic Church?

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