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St. Thomas More Catholic Parish, Scranton, PA
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Opportunities to Serve in Worship

The beautiful worship we offer at St. Thomas More would not be possible without the participation of many volunteers.  Serving in one of these roles is a great way for newcomers to get to know others in the Parish.  Please consider whether you and/or your children would like to serve in one of these ways:

See information about our Parish Choir on our Music page.

Altar BoysAltar Boys help serve in the Sanctuary during Sunday and Holy Day Masses, Wednesday evening Masses, and monthly Evensong and Benediction.  On Sundays and Holy Days they are usually scheduled three at a time. Training is often held after Mass on the fourth Sunday of each month. Singing in the choir and serving at the altar are not mutually exclusive; many boys sing in the choir but are allowed to miss an occasional Sunday when they are scheduled to serve. Altar Boys are required to have received their First Holy Communion, and range in age up through High School senior.

Altar ServerAltar Servers are adult men who serve alongside the Altar Boys, not only for Sunday Masses and Evensong & Benediction, but for all weekday Masses as well (generally, two on Sundays, and one on each weekday). They attend the same training session as the boys in the fall.

LectorLectors are men and women who read the appointed passages from the Bible during Sunday and Holy Day Masses.  They are usually adults, but confident older teens are also welcome.

UshersUshers welcome worshipers as they arrive for Sunday and Holy Day Masses, hand out liturgy guides, receive the collection at the Offertory, guide worshipers to the Altar Rail to receive Holy Communion, and generally keep good order and security before, during, and after Mass.

CalculatorCounters are not directly involved in the liturgy itself, but serve after Mass each Sunday to count the monetary collection received from the congregation. To ensure proper security, counters always serve in pairs who must not be related to each other.

If you and/or your children are interested in serving in one of these roles, please speak with Fr. Bergman at church, or contact us at our offices.

A superb video about just one opportunity for service: The Altar Server

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